Baptist Student Ministry

The Baptist Student Ministry (BSM) at ź컢ͼ is a student organization within the Spiritual Life Department designed to help students become lifelong followers of Jesus Christ.

The BSM exists to foster a Christ centered community on our diverse campus. We aim to empower students to serve, cultivate meaningful relationships and promote continual life transformation through Jesus Christ.


BSM Weekly Activities

Join us during the week as we fellowship to keep you connected!

Whether you are a freshman looking for a Journey group that is led by an upperclassman or an upperclassman looking for a Voyage group, we encourage you to connect deeply with a group of your peers on a weekly basis. You can connect to a small group by

BSM Opportunities

  • We are all about intentionally pouring into each other lives through Christ and His goodness.  There are multiple Kaleo discipleship groups within the BSM to join.  Email kaleodiscipleship@HC.edu or bsm@HC.edu for further information.





  • The heartbeat of the BSM is to plug students into local churches. We see ourselves as an extension of the local church on the campus at ź컢ͼ and desire for students to be involved worshiping and serving alongside a local community of faith.

  • Coming soon…

BSM Approach, Values, & Commitments

  • We are an active and diverse Christian ministry that strives to provide opportunities for students to grow in their faith through intentional community during their time at ź컢ͼ. The BSM seeks to help students grow in the following 5 areas:

    • Discipleship
    • Evangelism
    • Missions
    • Church Involvement
    • Leadership Development
  • We value learning God’s Word, the Bible and applying it to our lives.

    We value discipleship and will strive to intentionally invest in the lives of others through equipping each person in faith and ministry skills.

    We value evangelism and desire to equip and encourage students to share their faith and provide opportunities for intentional practice.

    We will strive to connect students with Missions Learning Opportunities both locally and globally.