School of Christian Thought

We exist to ground you in biblical truth, to shape you to have a beautiful faith, and to prepare you for a flourishing ministry.


Classics & Biblical Languages


Houston Theological Seminary


Our Values

Biblical Truth

God calls us to know the Biblical story and the Christian worldview. We study hard so we can witness well.

Beautiful Faith

We want our students to love Jesus and live like Jesus. We help students learn to pray, preach, and serve.

Flourishing Ministry

The world needs effective leaders who can minister to a world in need. We help our students prepare now for the challenges of tomorrow.

Built on the Classics

We don’t just read about great thinkers in history, we read their works.

Student Organizations

The School of Christian Thought offers many student organizations to expand the learning experience of our students and prepare them for their professional careers.

Various additional organizations exist within the University. Please check the list of Student Life Organizations for a comprehensive list.


Request a Speaker

ź컢ͼ’s faculty members are available to speak at churches, conferences, and other events. If you would like to request a faculty member for your next event, please contact The School of Christian Thought for details and availability.