Contact the Office of Student Accounts

Before contacting us, please see if your question is answered in our Frequently Asked Questions.

If your question is not answered, the best way to contact the Student Accounts Office is via email.
Note: You must contact us via your ź컢ͼ email and include your full name and H number in all communications to our office.

Student Accounts Offices

Student Account’s Office

Phone: (281) 649-3471 (Option 1)
Email: StudentAccounts@HC.edu
Office Hours: 8 AM to 5 PM, Monday – Friday

Brown Administration Building, Room 146.
7502 Fondren Road
Houston, TX 77074-3298

Online Student Accounts Office

Phone: (281) 649-3471 (Option 2)
Email: OnlineStudentAccounts@HC.edu
Office Hours: 8 AM to 4 PM, Monday – Friday

Payment Addresses

Personal Student Accounts’ Payments

Office of Student Accounts
P.O. Box 4897
Department 502
Houston TX, 77210

Scholarship Payments

Office of Financial Aid
P.O. Box 4897
Department 529
Houston, Texas 77210