Kaleo Discipleship

In Greek, Kaleo means “to call” with 2 Timothy 1:9 being our focal verse.  “He has saved us and called us to a holy life-not because of anything we have done but because of his own purpose and grace. This grace was given us in Christ Jesus before the beginning of time.” We are excited to learn together how to live like Christ and share with others in learning to do the same.

The goal of Kaleo discipleship is to give students, faculty, and staff Christian spiritual direction and support in answering their individual academic, social and professional call. Through Kaleo we want to be intentional in focusing on spiritual growth and leadership development for our students, faculty and staff.  We are praying for our ź컢ͼ community to recognize through discipleship the need for rededication and renewal to take place in our lives.  Through personal and small group discipleship, we look forward to hearing personal stories told inside and outside the classroom with the hope that this growth will be lived and shared by reflecting  God’s faithfulness and goodness in our lives.

  • The phrase “the dust of the Rabbi” is used to depict one who is so close to the Rabbi in their everyday walk that they could not help but have their dust …aka their integrity, relationship with God, and lifestyle rub off on them. Through our intentional discipleship opportunities called Kaleo (in the Greek text means “to call”), we want to learn and teach God’s love by intentionally sharing with others the truth of Christ. Through these groups, our goal is to not only focus on helping students grow in one’s personal journey with Christ but also to know Christ and experience Him in fresh ways through discipling, community, study, and integration of Christ through leadership and everyday life.

    We realize that discipleship is a big investment of time and relationship building and our prayer, by you initiating this commitment to Kaleo discipleship, is that students, faculty and staff will learn more about themselves and each other as they pursue God and His truth in our lives.  A discipleship relationship is important where growth occurs on both sides between the faculty/staff who are discipling and the one who is initiating the relationship to be discipled.  Because we believe that this experience is one of the most important relationships that you will be a part of at ź컢ͼ,  some expectations we have learned will make this a positive experience for both of you and will help you to grow in your commitment to Jesus.  Because Kaleo is a voluntary ministry, these expectations include but are not limited to:

    • A commitment on your part to contact the faculty/staff/student discipler within 2-3 days of receiving your email of introduction to your discipler and set up a time to meet and begin this new experience.
    • A commitment to make this weekly or bi-weekly meeting a priority on your calendar and to keep your discipleship commitments.
    • A commitment to complete the “homework” that both parties have agreed on for each session where appropriate.
    • If you are unable to meet, you will contact your discipler either by email, text, or phone to tell them you are unable to come at least 1 day prior to your scheduled meeting.
    • If you are unable to continue the discipleship experience due to a change in scheduling or academic pressures, you will contact your discipler and the Director of Discipleship (ccross@HC.edu).  Please communicate with us so that we can pray for you and stay connected.

    Come and join a Kaleo group and get ready to grow!  Feel free to click on the Student Disciple application below and send to ccross@HC.edu.  Once your application is received, someone from our staff will contact you.

    Questions:  Contact the Discipleship office or come by to get connected with a Kaleo D group!  We are located in the MD Anderson Student Center above the bookstore in the Student Life area.

  • Come and join us not only for weekly discipleship groups but retreats, conferences, special speakers and concerts just to name a few.  Watch your ź컢ͼ email for the weekly Student e-newsletter sent out by Student Life for discipleship events that are going on. We want you to be involved!


  • We would love to have you join a discipleship small group!  Take advantage of the Fall CLW Small Group opportunities.  No need to register ahead – just show up!  You are always welcome!

    Kaleo Small Groups-Spring 2024

We are blessed with a wonderful group of faculty and staff who feel called to engage in opportunities for spiritual formation with our students and among their colleagues.  Many spend their personal time outside of class and university responsibilities meeting one on one and/or in small groups with students where they grow and “do life” together in the context of discipleship.

If you as a faculty and/or staff would like to be a part of the Kaleo discipleship program, we invite you to complete the application below. If you need more information, contact us at kaleodiscipleship@HC.edu.